Custom Sewing

Do you have an idea for a new garment or home furnishing that you would like to sell but cannot imagine how to make it yourself?  

As a custom sewing company, Plain Stitches partners with designers, retailers, and distributors to make their ideas become a completed product.  Our designers and patternmakers are passionate about the creative design process and making our clients’ dreams become a reality.

If you’re looking for a sewing contractor or private label clothing manufacturer, take a little time to get to know us.  We just might be the kind of custom sewing company you are looking for.  If you are a startup or family business, why not work with a startup and family business like Plain Stitches?  If you are designing clothing for simplicity or modesty, why not partner with a custom sewing company that has experience designing your kind of clothing?

Plain Stitches has experience designing and sewing the following:

  • skirts
  • dresses
  • pants
  • coats
  • vests
  • curtains
  • table runners

We love hearing new ideas.  So don’t hesitate to contact us to share your brainstorm or express interest in a private label program.