About Us

Plain Stitches is a startup sewing company that combines a long tradition of home sewn clothing with state-of-the art industrial sewing equipment.  Plain Stitches partners with designers, retailers, and boutiques looking for custom sewing and design services.  In addition to our custom sewing and design services, we provide our Amish and Mennonite communities with clothing that meets our traditional high standards for quality, functionality, and simplicity.

Launched in the beginning of 2012, Plain Stitches is a small sewing company currently operating on a family farm in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Our seamstresses are members of the Amish and Mennonite communities who have been honing their craft as seamstresses and custom patternmakers since childhood.  Sewing is not a mere hobby in our Amish and Mennonite communities sewing, but rather a part of the regular rhythms of life.   Although the Amish are now buying more of their clothing than their parent’s generation did, the skills of designing, fitting, and sewing clothing that have been passed down for generations still remain in use in our communities.  This long tradition of home artisanry has gifted our seamstresses with practical problem-solving skills and common-sense creativity that formal professional training can hone, but never impart.